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Welcome, all visitors and especially all Europeans who are motorbikes fans, our European motor bikers. You are visiting the website of one Czech motor biker and you can find there not only the history – The history of Czech motorbikes produced from 1945 to 1991 with the history itself, technical description and electric scheme, catalogue of parts but also all other useful information. So, let me introduce my website in a short form.

(GALLERY) Photo gallery not only shows the history but also the present. It is divided into many categories according to the purpose. If you are the owner of a Czech motor bike, we will like to have your photo in our gallery to show other people in which countries they can find Czech motor bikes. If you want to contribute to our gallery, you can do send the photo to:

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Advertisements are divided into offer, demand, exchange and gifts.

(REGISTER) Register is a list of web links and it is divided into two parts.
The top part contains motor bikes brands and if you click on them you will see the list of net links to Czech and foreign websites. The top register part is available for all the visitors. If you have your own website about motor bikes of the same brands, click on the sign (save the net link) where the chart is. You will fill in the chart with these things: name of the website, its description, web address and brand choice. We will be grateful for all your contribution to our register. The bottom part is for web links of the companies connected with motor bikes activities and it is divided according to branches.

(VISITORS BOOK)The visitors book contain messages and questions between Czech motor bikers.

(MUSEUMS) Museums show the list of all the museums in Bohemia. If you have a chance to visit our small, but very beautiful country, you can visit the museums, as well. All of them are very nice and I can recommend them.

(CALENDAR) The calendar is divided into (meetings), (exchange meetings ) and (exhibitions)

It is in short everything about our Czech website. We wish you the luck on every kilometer driven on two wheels run by an engine.

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